This app makes it easy to calculate the GFM (Gram Formula Mass) of molecules to be used in Chemistry calculations. I built this app very quickly - in about 30 minutes - while I was doing Chemistry homework and was frustrated with the monotonous task of looking up every the GFM for each element and entering it into my calculator.

This app definitely was worth building and I still think about the time that I could have saved had I just built it earlier. It has a basic user interface although I wasn't too bothered with how it looked. The app only contains 25 elements, however, this is sufficient for 99% of every Scottish Higher and National 5 Chemistry question, so leaving out the other elements greatly reduced the time needed for implementation.

Yes, I know. I could have just opted for using a GFM calculator website, but what's the fun in that?

By Jude Molloy: Last Edited 11/08/2018