Konect is a networking application, similar to a business card, that allows users to exchange details via QR code scanning. This project was definitely one of my more ambitious ideas and it wasn’t easy to implement. I decided to try and build Konect at first as I wanted to work with the QR code technology and combine it with Firebase.

Each user has their own profile as shown below.

The Konect app allows a user to create an account and add details about themselves. This data is then sent to the Firebase database and used to create the content for the application. Each user has a unique ID and a QR code is generated based on this unique ID. When another user scans a QR code it locates the user from the unique ID and creates a connection between the two users allowing them to view each others details.

Shown below is the current user's Konnections which they can use to browse their connections and the inital view which is launched when the app is opened up for the first time.

Watch the video below, displaying some of the main features of the Konect App.

The code for this application is available on GitHub. Click Here.

By Jude Molloy: Last Edited 05/09/2018